As a new music academy, our beliefs are predicated on the idea that students will thrive and unlock their creative potential when they are encouraged to find their unique voice, without fear of being shamed or conditioned to follow the social norms. Every truly revolutionary achievement and profoundly original idea that has changed the world has always come from individuals who dared to be different and didn't care what people thought of them. We can help you break free of bowing to expectations and find your own way of expressing yourself through music.

We got tired of seeing schools charging students upwards of $75K to look at PowerPoint presentations and observe recording sessions culminating in degrees that provide no real experience, or even a basic understanding of what it's like to actually work in a professional studio to make real, commercially viable music. So we decided that re-writing the book wasn’t good enough. Instead - we got rid of it altogether. Education through real-life, hands-on experience, in a professional recording studio and taking you through the actual record-making process, is the best way to unlock the creative drive that is essential for modern Music Production. After two intense weeks, you'll have created a collection of pieces of music by using the same techniques the pros use. Classes are intimate (limited to six students), and we meet six hours a day, five days a week, in our state-of-the-art recording studio [].

You will learn modern and guerrilla production techniques to get great sound every time. Professional bands are brought in to record one or two songs over a three day period. You will learn the essential skills of engaging with different artists and learning how to make them feel comfortable so that they give you their best performances. No two artists are the same, and when it comes to working with artists in the studio, it is crucial to make the artists feel confident in your abilities and create an environment conducive towards creativity. Traditional schools don't teach these invaluable, interpersonal skills, and, frankly, these are some of the most important skills for an engineer or producer to master. Experiential learning is the only way to hone your studio etiquette, and this is just one of the things that separate ORA from any other recording arts school.


Songs that have been recorded will be mixed and released as a promotional compilation of Bay Area bands that will be commercially released. As a student, you will receive official industry credits. It's a fact - the majority of employers prefer work experience over degrees. We give you hands-on experience so you can get to work faster.