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Lizzy McAlpine beautifully narrates heartbreak in her sophomore album five seconds flat

McAlpine’s 14-track album delves into the world of heartache and self-reflection.

Lizzy McAlpine combines alternative/indie and rock influences for a unique-sounding sophomore album. A notable influence is Phoebe Bridgers’ second studio album Punisher. Bridgers and McAlpine share a knack for descriptive and melancholic storytelling in their songs.

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"...even though relationships and love are like so messy and feelings are so complicated and weird, and that no one knows what they're doing ever… it's also beautiful at the same time”

(Lizzy McAlpine on the overall theme for five seconds flat).

McAlpine first gained popularity in 2018 when she released her EP Indigo. Since then she has released another EP titled When the World Stopped Moving: The Live EP (2021) as well as two studio albums titled Give Me a Minute (2020) and five seconds flat (2022).

Today Lizzy McAlpine has reached a total of 3,613,209 monthly listeners on Spotify, a number that is sure to increase as she continues to build her name in the music industry.

Though she has only recently gained recognition for her music, McAlpine has always been musical and began writing songs when she was just 12 years old. She notes that some of her inspiration comes from Broadway, which she has her grandmother and mother to thank for.

Another source of inspiration is jazz music; McAlpine attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts for two years before dropping out to pursue her music career full time. During her time at school, she was introduced to jazz musicians and her current producer, Phillip Etherington.

In more recent years, Lizzy McAlpine has received praise from well-known artists for her music such as Shawn Mendes and Phoebe Bridgers. She even had the opportunity to collaborate with Grammy Award-winning producer FINNEAS, who is featured on track 11 “hate to be lame” from her second studio album.

McAlpine briefly mentions how the collaboration came to life, stating, “With Finneas, I literally just DMed him and told him I thought he would sound really good on the song,” she says. “And like five minutes later he was like ‘Yes, send me the song. Here’s my number, I’m so psyched.’”

Something that makes this album stand out is the film McAlpine created for it. Not only did she write the script and music, but she also stars in the film. This makes the film feel even more personal and allows the audience to experience the album from Lizzy McAlpine’s perspective.

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Other artists McAlpine has had the opportunity to work with include Jacob Collier and John Mayer. She also recently joined dodie on the North America leg of the Build A Problem tour. Kicking off in Chicago, Illinois, and ending in Los Angeles, California for a total of 27 shows.

Lizzy McAlpine is definitely the indie artist to keep an eye on for music that is authentic and heartfelt. She is a songwriter that knows how to perfectly craft a story and create songs that her audience can personally relate to.

If you want to experience the beauty and brilliance of five seconds flat live, McAlpine kicks off her first headlining tour next month in San Francisco.

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Maryjane Perez

five seconds flat favorites:


"an ego thing"

"called you again"




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