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Korean-American musician breaking boundaries with lyrical beauty.

Kim Woo-Sung, his English name Sammy or better known as Woosung on stage whether that be as a soloist or with his band members of The Rose. He is an artist that is relatively new as a solo artist but has been in the industry since 2017. Woosung is a Korean-American singer, songwriter, and musician from Los Angeles, California. He is the leader and main vocalist for the band The Rose which debuted in 2017. In the band, The Rose, they had amazing initial success and were named “New K POP artists to watch” by Billboard. He made his solo debut in 2019 with his EP Wolf and has released an album along with another recent EP, ‘MOTH’ which started his tour in May of 2022 and continues to add more dates in Asia in the future. Currently, all tour dates that have passed have been sold out shows.

The recent work that he has released is the EP MOTH. Woosung explains that butterflies and moths are the same insect but have different perspectives of one another. A butterfly is pretty and beautiful, but a moth is ugly and scary. Many people don’t realize that moths have a pattern in their wings when they are against the light and the patterns can be even more beautiful than a butterfly. Woosung explains that the main message of this project is that “Some of us just need a little bit of light to shine on us to show our true beauty”. Taking a different look on how others can perceive one another is what this project shows within the lyrics and within the music itself.

The title track for the EP, “Phase Me” currently has 2.7 million views and counting since the project was released on May 13th,2022. Woosung currently has 711,881 listeners and 391,260 followers on Spotify and 368k subscribers on YouTube. All the solo work and projects that Woosung has worked on and created are under his own independent label, Woolfpack. I personally became a fan of Woosung through the band The Rose. Woosung has a different way that he uses his voice to sing and in a way that does not compare to other artists.

As I became more familiar with the music from the band, I came to find out that Woosung debuted as a solo artist as well as still a current member of The Rose and I wanted to keep supporting any projects that he would release. Woosung also caught my eye because he is a Korean-American which is not very common in the world of KPOP. Whether the music is in Korean or in English, music is music, and I can always appreciate the song or album whether I can understand the lyrics or not. Music is beautiful no matter what language it is in or the style of the music itself. There are many different genres and different approaches to music and that is what makes them unique.

by Alyssa Ruiz | Graphic Design student




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